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Rigor directed studies in the Middle School have students

  • Moving from basic comprehension through application and analysis to evaluation.
  • Creating advanced skills.
  • Applying higher order thinking skills
  • Pursuing essential questions

Relevance in the Middle School means

  • Moving from knowledge in one discipline to knowledge across disciplines
  • Creating foundational skills
  • Accessing information
  • Creating interdisciplinary contexts
  • Connecting everything to the "real world"

Students work on positive and productive Relationships

  • Being pleasant at all times
  • Being interestED in people and ideas outside their experience
  • Being interestING because of their education and curiosity

The Middle School prepares students for the challenges of High School. Students are being prepared to set high expectations, to be information literate, to be socially literate, to be good problem solvers and creative thinkers. To meet these goals, students are immersed in a rigorous curriculum of English, language arts, literature, writing, social studies, mathematics, laboratory sciences and religion. Enrichment courses, competitions, co-curricular activites and sports opportunities complement their academic achievements.


After School Activities

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Honors Classes

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History Competition

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Optional Lunch Program

(soup, salad, entree, dessert)


Extended care

before and after school is available.


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