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The Doederlein Gallery is a ministry of Saint Luke Church.  Its goal is to use the field of art to promote sharing, interaction and cooperation between Saint Luke and individuals and community groups within our urban area.  A series of fine arts and ethnic/multicultural exhibits is offered throughout the course of the year.  The gallery also serves as a showcase for artists who produce religious works but does not limit itself to this theme.

Gallery Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sundays, 9 a.m. - 12 noon

Other hours by appointment  -  773-472-3383 


September 10 – October 8, 2006

Gertrude Doederlein  -  “Seeing Red”       View this exhibit



Throughout Doederlein’s long career, primary colors in bold patterns dominated her canvases, many of which give off the glow of the warm end of the spectrum.  In this retrospective exhibit, reds from the 1950s flow into 90s reds to create a wall pulsing with color.  Included in this exhibit are paintings from the Saint Luke Collection that have not been on public exhibition.


October 15 – November 26, 2006

Eddie Boyd  -  “Convoluted”        View this exhibit



Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, October 15, 12 noon

A collection of temperas by the late artist has the viewer following the maze of African-inspired images from one angle to another, from the small figure into a larger matrix.  Several of the pieces will be able to be viewed from all angles so visitors can decide for themselves which end is up.  Exhibit courtesy of the artist’s family.


January 21 – February 11

Annual Anniversary Exhibit  -  Friends and Members of Saint Luke



Artists Reception:  Sunday, January 21, 12 noon

Artist members and friends of Saint Luke Church share their recent work in a variety of media with the church and the community.


February 18– March 18, 2007

Group Exhibit  -  “God’s Garden”           View this exhibit



Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, February 18, 12 noon

Artist Mary Sandoval curates an exhibit of paintings produced as part of a pilot project in “Spirituality and the Arts in Healing” in Illinois senior centers.  Under her direction, residents of the Oak Brook Health Center produced a series of canvases expressing God’s creative and healing power through the natural world.


March 25 – June 10, 2007

Saint Luke Artists Guild  -  “Speak Peace to the People”

                                               in the large gallery


view this exhibit:    The Gallery

                               The Artists

Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, March 25, 12 noon

Through a wide variety of media, artists interpret God's gift of Peace, promised in Psalm 85 and sought for in the Prayer for Peace prayed at Saint Luke each Sunday:  Peace among nations, Peace in our homes, Peace in our hearts.


May 6 – June 10, 2007

Young Artists Talent Search

                    in the Founders Hall Showcases




Winners of Saint Luke Academy's Young Artists Talent Search











Ongoing before and after Sunday and Wednesday services during Lent


Our Lenten discipline involves taking a hard look at our broken relationship with God and responding to God’s call to return to a restored relationship. The Psalmist’s symbol, the broken vessel, is offered as a physical metaphor for putting our lives back together. Our efforts at restoration are imperfect; the cracks are still there; the vessel will never again hold water. We cannot by our own efforts effect restoration. But by God’s grace, our efforts are blessed. We are, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, restored. Let your symbolic restoration effort bring greater awareness of your relationship with God and cause you to rejoice in the gift of restorative grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a tool for meditation before or following Sunday or Wednesday services, select a vessel and begin rebuilding. The process may span the entire season, with pieces added each week. While holding your work, waiting for the glue to set, psalms of restoration are provided to focus on your thoughts on return, restoration and the grace that makes them possible. Restored vessels will be used in the Easter installation.   Free