Level 3 Instructional Program Design

Students in Saint Luke Academy's Level Three are being prepared​​ to set high expectations, to be information literate, to be socially literate and to be good problem solvers and creative thinkers.


  • Reading Literacy, Language Mechanics and Oral/Written Expression  Students begin acquiring the tools necessary to analyze literary works and to create and criticize their own efforts.


  • Reasoning, Proof and Methodology employed in math and science to understand and apply facts, concepts and skills.

  • Research skills are expanded as students learn to identify and evaluate resource material, organize information and compile a bibliography. .


  • Study of American and World Cultures


  • Sensory integration is promoted through music appreciation, painting, drawing and physical education classes.


  • All classes have an outdoor playtime at least once a day (weather permitting).


  • Religious studies are enhanced by the many worship opportunities at Saint Luke.

Extra-curricular activities are available to students 


An after-school basketball program is available to students in Grade 4.

Expanded sports team opportunities are offered in Grade 5.


Extended Care before and after school is available.


An optional Lunch Program includes soup, salad, entree, dessert


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