Level 4 Instructional Program Design

Students in Saint Luke Academy's Level Four are immersed in a rigorous curriculum of language arts, literature, written and oral expression, social studies, mathematics, laboratory sciences and religion.


Enrichment courses, co-curriculars, academic competitions and sports opportunities complement their academic achievements. 


At this level they deepen their grasp of the Big Ideas as they complete their transition from the discipline-specific classes of the lower levels into interdisciplinary studies.​ Here they come to the final stage of the Academy's set of NEW THREE Rs that have advanced the learning process at all levels:

  • Creating advanced skills.

  • Applying higher order thinking skills

  • Pursuing essential questions

Rigor directed studies



  • Moving from knowledge in one discipline to knowledge across disciplines

  • Creating interdisciplinary contexts

  • Connecting everything to the "real world"

Relationships - positive and productive

  • Accessing information

  • Creating interdisciplinary contexts

  • Communication coupled with cooperation

  • Connecting everything to the "real world"

Honors Classes are designed to challenge honor students to excellence in work above and what is required in regular classes.

Saint Luke Academy participates annually in the Metro Chicago and the All-Illinois History Competitions.

Extra-curricular activities are available to students 


A variety of team sports are offered after school.


Extended Care before and after school is available.


An optional Lunch Program includes soup, salad, entree, dessert


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