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Saint Luke Ministries is engaged in the work of calling a new pastor. A call committee is being created as part of this process. The call committee receives candidates recommended by the Synodical Bishop. The call committee will evaluate and recommend the candidate it believes God desires this congregation to have as its pastor. After this recommendation is made, the Ministry Board will call a special meeting of the Voter's Assembly. The call to the new pastor can only be made by the Voter's Assembly.


The congregation will have opportunities to meet the recommended candidate before the meeting of the Voter's Assembly.


Serving on the call committee will require a significant commitment of time, both for meetings and for prayerful discernment. If you would like to serve on the call committee, please complete the form below. You will be contacted by the nominating committee (Betsy Wassilak, Paul Heltne, Mark Godecke, and David Nelson). Positions on the call committee are limited, and we will strive to create a committee that represents the entire congregation. We greatly appreciate the desire to serve expressed by all applicants. The names of the call committee members will be announced at the congregational meeting on January 24, 2021.

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