Why Choose Faith-Based Education?

We are a neighborhood school with caring, experienced teachers, great facilities, small classes, and a big commitment to academic excellence – but most of all, Saint Luke Academy is a school that

nurtures the spiritual lives of our students.

Character Education


Our youngest students engage with faith first on a personal level, when they learn who they are – God's unique and special creation. Then, they are taught to recognize it in others, seeing their classmates and neighbors as members of the family of God.

Ultimately, Saint Luke Academy students are given the tools necessary to translate their value systems into concrete acts of service and stewardship in the years to come.

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Christian Worldview


At Saint Luke Academy, different theories, world views, and ideologies are introduced and framed next to the student’s belief system.


We teach our children to respect and interact with people of all faiths, holding true to what they believe and why they believe. With this Christian worldview, students learn to become free thinkers and respectful of other faiths and understand the world is much larger and more diverse than they can imagine.


Service Learning


Doing impacts being – what children do and experience shapes what they think and who they become. Saint Luke Academy offers authentic experiences that bridge the gap between academics and real-world experiences.


Extracurricular service projects include the Seasonings program, where students of all ages engage with our elderly Greenview Place neighbors, food and clothing drives, supporting local and global missions, and serving the ministry as acolytes.  

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