Saint Luke Academy

Faith-Based Education

A recent book tracing the comeback of one of Chicago's neighborhood schools offered a popular parent opinion that "math is math", so why pay money to educate your children outside the public system? We ask another version of the same question: Why choose faith-based education?


Faith-based education at Saint Luke Academy prepares students not only for this life but for eternity as well. Yes, math IS math and we do it very well! But we offer more. In Saint Luke Academy's curriculum, the big ideas of life, salvation and redemption are integrated into a rigorous core curriculum that not only equips students to acquire, interpret and apply information but also nurtures them in the development of respectful behaviors in the context of faith, hope, love and justice.


Students are educated in a value system that offers a clear model for developing and measuring positive behavior. They are engaged first on a personal level when they learn who they are - God's unique and special creation. Embracing that status, they are taught to recognize it in others, seeing their classmates and neighbors as members of the family of God.

With this unique perspective, students learn through role modeling and instruction the responsibilities of being part of God's family and they are given opportunities to practice those responsibilities many ways. Faith in action promotes loving social relationships in classroom and family. Learning in faith "Who is my neighbor?" teaches students to develop and support systems to serve that neighbor. Awareness of larger needs brings students into global awareness. It offers to them a model of service both in working for peace and justice and in promoting good stewardship of the earth, God's creation.


Students are given the opportunity to test their systems and develop guidelines for themselves. They are encouraged in leadership as they translate their value systems into concrete acts of service and stewardship. And they are given tools that will grow with them as they shape lives of academic discipline and community service in the years to come.


Faith-based education is not just a good elementary school experience. It is the pattern for a life-style that embraces all of our time on earth and anticipates the eternity to come.