Honors Classes

Honors Classes

The Saint Luke Academy Children's University is an enrichment program designed to challenge honor students to excellence in work above and beyond the required academic curriculum.


Special high-level courses in the sciences, humanities and the arts are taught by instructors recognized as experts in their respective disciplines. The offerings are designed to offer guided in-depth study and to foster the development of critical thinking and analytical skills through exploration, discovery, hands-on learning, teamwork, field study and practicum.


These courses are designed for the student with an active curiosity, solid academic credentials and a high level of motivation. Courses are pass/fail and by invitation only. Class size is limited in most cases to no more than six students per semester. Students may take one 8 week course each semester as determined by the instructor and the principal.


Students who successfully complete 6 semesters of course work as determined by the principal will be eligible to graduate "With Honors."

The Saint Luke Academy honors program in Religion is designed to provide gifted and interested students with the opportunity to encounter and evaluate a variety of ideas and issues in religion and culture, faith and practice. This program is open by invitation only to students in the Grades 7 and 8.


Classroom instruction is modeled after the seminar format of the university and requires independent conversation and study. Students are graded pass/ fail.


Students who successfully complete the program and maintain honor roll status throughout the 7th and 8th grade are designated "Saint Luke Scholars" and receive special recognition at the commencement exercises in June of each academic year.

Saint Luke Academy participates annually in the Metro Chicago and the All-Illinois History Competitions.

Extra-curricular activities are available to students 


A variety of team sports are offered after school.


Saint Luke Scholars