Kindergarten & Grades 1 through 4

Through differentiated instruction, Saint Luke Academy students are encouraged to create their own path and explore their individual interests as they build foundational skills necessary to move to the more complex and higher levels of problem-solving and creative thinking.

Active Minds & Bodies


Activity-based learning engages students in activities by stimulating their senses and getting them involved in the subject. Our approach to activity-based learning includes questioning, explaining, demonstration, and collaboration.


Small Classes


Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows educators to divide their time and resources efficiently and to tailor lessons to individual student's needs. Our students are also more likely to develop deep and lasting relationships with the other students around them.  


Balanced Approach


Saint Luke Academy educators expose students to a variety of teaching and learning approaches, with an intuition for when a traditional method works best and when it’s right to promote more innovative techniques.

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The use of technology at all levels creates a more engaged environment at Saint Luke Academy, supports different learning styles, improves collaboration, and arms students with skills necessary for a digital future.