1500 W. Belmont, Chicago

The Academy Curriculum directs student learning from nurturing experiences in Pre-School to basic skills acquisition in Kindergarten and from discipline-specific classes in Primary School to interdisciplinary learning in the Middle School.


Our curriculum is designed to impart the knowledge and skills that prepare the Saint Luke graduate for higher education. Our program encourages students to set high expectations with school work a priority. Their studies are shaped to make them information literate (able to find and evaluate information) and socially literate (possessing good communication skills). Students work to be good problem solvers who define problems clearly. They are encouraged to be creative thinkers and to appreciate various points of view.


Our students have access to technological and scientific equipment in our Media Center, Resource Room and Science Center. We offer extra-curricular activities, programs, clubs and athletic teams to complement and enhance our students' educational experiences.


We believe that all students can succeed. We have the facilities to support all curricular adventures and a dedicated, caring and enthusiastic faculty and staff.


We are proud of our work with young people and hope that we may be of service to you. Browse through our website and see what we have to offer. Come visit our Academy and have a first-hand look at our award-winning institution. If we may be of assistance to you, do not hesitate to call.


Donna J. Beck, Principal

David G. Abrahamson, Superintendent


Mission Statement



Saint Luke Academy is an integrated, faith-based education experience for children (PreSchool through Middle School)....

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Faith-Based Education?


A recent book tracing the comeback of one of Chicago's neighborhood schools offered a popular parent opinion that "math is math", so why pay money to educate your children outside the public system? We ask another version of the same question: Why choose faith-based education? .... 

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...a school that has served the children of this community for over 130 years. In order to prepare students for the challenges of this new millennium, the Academy is dedicated to offering the best in innovative, cognitively powerful Christian education.