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Construction of the new play area for Saint Luke Academy


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Plans for the play area for Saint Luke Academy



Forms for the outer play surface ring

Pouring the outer ring

The play surface outer ring

Connecting the electricity for lighting

Preparing to pour cement

Marked for connections

Smoothing the cement

Beginning drainage system

Drainage connections

Bringing electrical service from the school

A fence around the play area

Cement sidewalks and the underlayer of crushed stone

X marks the spots

The equipment arrives

Some assembly required

Setting the poles into the ground

The first section goes up

The structure begins to take shape

All parts in place

The soft surface is poured

picnic tables and benches

equipment on the soft surface

Adding landscaping - wildflowers


The Finished Product
The Finished Product

Two play areas, one for younger children, one for the older ones on a cushioned poured surface. Picnic tables and benches amid landscaping. Thank you to Novak Construction.