The Saint Luke Recorder Series grows out of the church's commitment to enhancing the musical experiences it regularly provides for the Chicagoland public.

The artist for this series is John Langfeld, a Chicago area musician who has specialized in exploring performance practices for Baroque and 20th Century recorder music as well as in performing the many seldom programmed compositions for unaccompanied alto recorder. His interest in performing both traditional and more contemporary styles provides an unusual opportunity to discover the relatively untapped "musical universe" of which recorders are capable.




Litrgical Music for Recorder(s)



Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Free to the Public

Free Parking - Wheelchair Access


There are no examples of liturgical music for recorders. However, finding the right vehicles was easy. I turned to some among my favorite composers who gave us music of profound spirituality and asked the ever-accommodating Randall Snyder to provide some new music for the program.


What began as a cerebral activity for me has ended up being an intensely personal experience, one that captures my own grapplings and wonderments in this arena of faith represented by the work of minds much greater than my own.


I have always been attracted to the liturgical music of Leonard Bernstein who had his own crises of faith to explore -- simply, reverently and with soul-searching precision. It was clear early on that he should begin and end the program, with tropes along the way -- musical and textual interpolations on religious themes provided by Randall Snyder. The Rorem and Puccini texts add a more traditional presence. The Anima Christi, a composition from my undergraduate days, spoke to me anew as I began feeling this program more deeply.


Sister Mary Regis told us in sixth grade that "he who sings, prays twice." This program represents my own "amen" to that.


John Langfeld


A reception follows the concert

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