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History of Saint Luke Cemetery


The Saint Lucas Cemetery Association was established in 1900 as the second Lutheran cemetery for Chicago Lutherans. A number of North Side Lutheran congregations formed the original association. Over the years, however, only two of the congregations remained as supporting churches: Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Logan Square and Saint Luke Church in LakeView. Christ, Logan Square, was dissolved as a congregation in the l980's, leaving Saint Luke Church as the sole supporting congregation. The name of the cemetery was changed to Saint Luke Cemetery in 1998. The association continues to retain the Saint Lucas name.


The first interment was that of a two-month old child on October 29, 1900. By the year 2000, over 25,500 burials have been made.


The cemetery consisted of 65 acres of land of which approximately 75% was set aside for interment purposes. Originally there were two sections developed for burials. Today there are ten sections, two of which are completely filled. The newer sections have large central monuments and are dedicated to the placement of ground level individual memorial markers only. In addition to the central monuments in the newer sections, the stainless steel Waltz Memorial obelisk and cross was installed to greet visitors as they enter the cemetery.


In 1992, 7.5 acres at the corner of Pulaski Road and Foster Avenue were sold to a developer. This area now consists of approximately 15 stores including a large national chain grocery. Another section of 14 acres, along the North Branch of the Chicago River was sold in 1995 to a company that has built several large condominiums and some individual homes.


In 1999, the Administration Building was thoroughly modernized in a major renovation. The building now includes state of the art office space and conference rooms as well as a chapel area with 132 niches for the burial of cremains. The chapel may be used for any burial service if a family so chooses.


In 2008, a section of uncensecrated land was set aside for the burial of companion animals.


In 2009, a special section for the burial of infants and stillborn babies was created within the regular cemetery.


The cemetery association is operated by a board of directors who were originally elected by the two supporting congregations. Now they are elected by the Church of Saint Luke. In addition to the General Manager, the staff consists of a grounds foreman, a field worker and an office manager/bookkeeper.

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