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1500 W. Belmont, Chicago
The Doederlein Gallery

Artists Guild

The Saint Luke Artists Guild is a group of artists who are committed to producing an annual exhibition of religious art. Each year the guild invites artists from both the Chicago area and around the country to interpret a theme in the medium of their choice. The collection of themed works is displayed during the spring of the gallery season.


Artists wishing to participate in the Guild Exhibit are invited to review the theme and contact the Gallery to receive additional information. All media are welcome.



 Guild Archive

Guild 19 Stewards of the earth.png

2019 Stewards of the Earth - Art from Recycled Materials

Guild 18 Blessed .jpg

2018 - Blessed 

The Many Ways in Which We Are Blessed

Guild 16 Songs of the church DSCN5703.JP

2016 - Songs of the Church

Liturgical Songs from Scripture

Guild 14 How Majestic DSCN1283.JPG

2014 - How Majestic Are Your Works

Interpreting Psalm 104


2012 - Parable

Interpreting the Parables


2010 - Renewal

Renewed by God to Renew the World


2008 - Waters of Life

Cleansing in Baptism


2006 - Marvelous In Our Eyes

Interpreting the Miraculous

guild17 Imaging the word DSCN9911.JPG

2017 - Imaging the Word

Visual Representations of the Word

Guild 15 I AM  DSCN8316.JPG

2015 - I AM

The Names of God

Guild 13 Hero(ine)s DSCN3102.JPG

2013 - Hero(ine)s of the Bible

Men and Women of Faith


2011 - Building Up

Christians' Mission in the World


2009 - Showers of Blessing

Many Gifts in Many Ways


2007 - Speak Peace to the People

Striving To Be Agents of Your Peace


2005 - Shadow of Your Wings

A Sheltering and Nurturing God


Inaugural Exhibit

2004 - Women of the Bible

Our Mothers in the Faith

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