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Hymn Festivals are not a new performance event for Saint Luke Church. The late Paul Manz, organist at Saint Luke Church was internationally known for performances of these types of events: a concert where an organist and the audience are the performers.


This Hymn Festival will be live-streamed and available both in-person and virtually.


All offerings will be used to help us complete our $250,000 Capital Campaign for new technology infrastructure to support our Church and Academy ministries.


Favorite hymns and other music from church history, woven together by brief meditations on the hymns by Pastor Stephen Bouman, will make up the ‘repertoire’ for this afternoon of beautiful music. Our Cantor Don Mead will take the lead in putting together the music and musicians who will lead our hymns of thanks and praise.

Hymn Festival Window (Portrait).jpg

Thank you!

Hymn Festival Sponsors: Mark and Elizabeth Godecke, Dennis Grabowski, William and Heidi Rivera, Linda Strohmayer, Pete and Laurie Strohmayer


Hymn Festival Patrons Stephen and Janet Bouman, David Foster, Robert Giovannitti, UPS store #2745, Scott and MaryJo Hoiberg, Martin and Harriet Marty, Nancy and Larry Stalder, Ruth Walp


IT Capital Campaign Contributors Advocate Health Care, Melissa and Michael Anezinis, Charles Aufdenkampe, Robert Baker, John Bareither, Martin and Jill Baumgaertner, Donna Beck, Glenn Becker, Charles Bleck, Eric and Fotine Bloom, Boston Market, Tim and Erin Bouman, Stephen and Janet Bouman, Antoinette Boyd, Anita Boyd, Lori Bruce, Jeffrey and Mari Buchan, Kathleen Buchar, Lisa Bury, Varlerie Bushey, Chicago Cubs Charity, Chicagoland Lutheran Education Foundation (CLEF), Lori Clark, Mike Conti, Elaine Darnell, Rosalyn Deigan, Arlene and Charles Dietz, Terry Duchow, Steve and Katie Duncan, Karin Dunham, Shelli Ellison, Laura and Mike Estes, Thomas and Margaret Fashing, Eleanor Fenske, David Foster, Donald Frazier, Glenn and Jeanette Geweke, Mark and Elizabeth Godecke, Charles and Patricia Gohs, Goodrose Concierge, Dennis Grabowski, Heather Gustafson, Gina and Andrew Hampe, Nila Haug, Susan Hedlund, Paul Heltne & Jean Linsner, Kabari Hendrick, Concordia Hoffman, Dale Hoiberg, Scott and Mary Jo Hoiberg, Dianne Holland, Debra Hunter, Robert and Deborah Husberg, David Johnston, Michael and Linda Kivi, Herb and Linda Kleisch, Donald and Carol Koetke, Steven and Cheryl Koob, Heddy Krause, Antonette Kulesza, John Langfeld, Carol Limberg, Salvatore and Lisa Maggiore, Arlene Martin, Martin and Harriet Marty, Todd and Jamie Medland, Dan and Cynthia Mjolsness, Mitchell Morinec, Edward and Debra Nelson, Jose Ortega, Mark Oscarson, Randy and Janet Peterson, Henry Pildner, Heidi Rivera, Vernon Sarasin, Natsumi Sato, Andrew and Jenny Schaeffer, Dave Schuminski, Herb and Jeanette Schwarz, Angela and Zachary Shannon, Michelle Sorvillo, Nadine Soulier, Nancy Stalder, Elisabeth Stampfl, Robert Steinbach, Linda Strohmayer, Anneleise Strupat, Matthew and Tina Taube, Joseph and Courtney Templin, Nicholas Terrell, Tom Tunney, Alderman, Ruth Walp, Sarah Washburn, Betsy Wassilak, Jeannine and Leslie Weber, Virginia White, Paul and Barbara Zimmer

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